Sunday, October 9, 2016

Saint Peter’s Chair: 58 years of vacancy

On October 9th 1958, Pope Pius XII died in Castel Gandolfo (Italy), 58 years ago. Since then up to now, the last six men who have portrayed themselves in the eyes of the world as the popes (From John XXIII to Francis), have been and are usurpers antipopes of Saint Peter’s throne. This is because all them have been and are manifest heretics, and the Catholic Church teaches that an heretic cannot be validly elected for the Papacy.

There are many objections launched against the sedevacantist position – that is, the position expounded according to which the Chair of St. Peter is vacant because the post-Vatican II “popes” are not true popes, but non-Catholic antipopes. Here you have addressed all of the major objections that are launched against this position.

For more information about what really happened to the Catholic Church in the last decades, watch the documentary The Third Secret of Fatima. Also visit for critical information to save your soul.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016